Scotia (Forestville)

In 1869 the Pacific Lumber Company was incorporated with 10,000 acres of forest land. Logging began in 1882 and land for the mill and town was purchased. Railroad construction began so lumber could be transported to the company’s wharf at Fields Landing. The town’s name of Forestville was changed to Scotia to avoid confusion with a town in Sonoma County (many of the workers were Nova Scotians). The mill was destroyed by fire in 1895. It was replaced with a new, larger mill in 1896. Pacific Lumber became the largest producer of lumber in the area, acquiring timber lands and other lumber companies through the years. A hostile stock market takeover in 1986 took the company out of the Murphy family hands. The company filed for bankruptcy in 2008 and was sold to Humboldt Redwood Co. The town was sold to another company and is in transition but it remains one of the few company towns still in existence in the U.S.