Logging Equipment

Samoa-Timber Heritage Association storage site

(formerly Northern Counties Logging Interpretive Association Glendale)


WIW   12X17   2sp Duplex Flyer

ex-Bob Canevari

ex-Dolbeer & Carson Lumber Co.   Eureka, CA

original owner unknown


WIW C/N 3961   13X14   High Lead Yarder   03-15-27

ex-Tom Dimmick   Piercy, CA

nee-Hobbs-Wall & Co.   Crescent City, CA


WIW C/N 4204   200 HP   Estep Diesel 3 drum Yarder

ex-The Pacific Lumber Co.   Scotia, CA

The engine on this donkey has been identified as #7255 which was reported to be on donkey #4205 built for the West Fork Logging Co. of Mineral, WA.


WI&S C/N 1895   12X14   2sp Humboldt Yarder   03-14-22

ex-Gus Peterson   Klamath, CA

ex-Simpson Redwood Co.   Korbel, CA   02-23-51

ex-Hammond & Little River Redwood Co.   Cranell, CA   1935

nee-Hammond Lumber Co.   Samoa, CA


Mundy   9X10   2 drum Hoist converted to gas

ex-George Hitt


Eureka Foundry   1 cycle   7X12   Horizontal Spool Dolbeer   1908


Lidgerwood C/N 45711   9X10   3 drum Pile Driver

ex-Sausalito Yacht Harbor   Sausalito, CA


Murray Bros.   Vertical Spool Dolbeer (parts from several machines)

Timber Heritage Association   2017

Ex-Fort Humboldt State Park   Eureka, CA   1983

Ex-Northern Counties Logging Interpretive Association   1975

Ex- Anderson family   Piercy, CA

nee-Bear Harbor Lumber Co.


unknown   vertical spool Dolbeer spider, gypsy, and crank shaft


WIW=Washington Iron Works

WI&S=Willamette Iron & Steel Works


Information courtesy of John Taubeneck