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No substantial Timber Heritage Museum exists elsewhere. There are displays, there are artifacts, many small county or city level museums cover logging history as a part of a broader story, but none takes a comprehensive look at the history of the timber industry as it contributed to state or national development. The National Park Service has toured the area and met with Association representatives regarding the potential for establishing a Redwood Timber Heritage Area centered in the Eureka – Arcata area “ to link and interpret theme-related museums, historic sites, artifacts and locations.”

Numerous studies and strategies indicate that economic benefits can result from attractions like a Timber Heritage Museum and associated excursion train. Prosperity! The North Coast Strategy for economic development designates tourism as one of Humboldt County’s base industries. It encourages development of major tourism attractions to encourage tour- ists to come to the area and to stay longer. Maybe most important to the our economy would be indirect spending. This includes additional night hotel stays, extra meals, gasoline etc. All these monies would recirculate as well. The Harbor District Redwood Marine Dock Feasibility Study speculated that the Timber Heritage Museum complex “may be an important marketing component for securing cruise ship calls by providing a desirable attraction for cruise passengers.”

Today museums can be instruments for community progress. In the past 25 years, museums have evolved from a nicety to an essential ingredient of community life. They are now part of the amenity package people expect to find in communities that care about citizen enrichment. And they help local residents appreciate their communities and aspire to the accomplishments and character traits that made their region great; they become wellsprings of pride in place, and in oneself. They thus contribute immensely to quality of life. People making location-based investments – where to establish or expand a business, relocate for employment, raise a family, vacation, retire – are impressed by these cultural opportunities as well.

Board Member Renee Ross honors participants of the “Voices of Korbel Mill” Oral History Project

From the Times-Standard June 14, 2016

Korbel Oral History Project

Korbel Oral History Project

The project was cosponsored by THA and Blue Lake Museum.